Girl Scouts Western Oklahoma is committed to getting girl outside and preparing them for the STEM workforce pipeline. We are excited to announce our plan to invest more than $12 million to build a STEM-focused camp in Oklahoma City, opening Fall 2020!

A few years ago, when we made the decision to sell Camp Cookieland, we brought 50 Girl Scouts - grades 6 thru 12 - together to talk about the different options and what this meant for the future of Girl Scout camp. These discussions included the desired for a camp, focused on STEM and outdoors that was more accessible. And here we are today, announcing just that!

The Property Task Force – made up of Board Members, a few Girl Scouts, and staff - has been working to make sure we found the perfect property for Girl Scouts. We are pleased to say we have found it! The new camp will be on approximately 17-acres just east of the Oklahoma City Zoo & Botanical Gardens.

While this camp was designed primarily for the girls, it is for everyone! When the camp is not in use by Girl Scouts, community groups, organizations and families, like yours, can rent out the camp for your own adventures.

Camp Trivera will provide girls the opportunity to be comfortable in the outdoors – camping, hiking, kayaking – while also having indoor spaces for first time campers. Around every corner is an opportunity to learn about STEM. Girls will learn about physics ziplining across the lake and test their geological knowledge on the indoor rock wall.

As the newest member of the Adventure District, there will be even greater opportunities with partners, such as the Oklahoma City Zoo & Botanical Gardens and Science Museum Oklahoma, like real-world research, working with the veterinarians, conservation & travel opportunities – local and international.