Our goal for Overnight Camp is to provide camper-friendly, healthy, home-cooked, and delicious food for campers and staff. Our menu features fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and low-fat dairy or soy products... and the occasional s'more! These nutritious, well-balanced meals are served family-style in the dining hall. Girls may also have the opportunity to plan and cook a meal outdoors.

Many of our meals include a vegetarian option, which is the same entrée prepared without meat. This meal choice is available to anyone, but please notify us if your camper is vegetarian so we make sure there is enough!

If we are notified in advance, our cooks can provide gluten-free meals, dairy-free, peanut- and treenut-free meals.

Please contact us with any dietary restrictions or allergies at least two weeks before your camp session.


Alternatives and Snacks

We know that not all campers will like everything we offer and our cooks work very hard to accommodate special requests when possible. There is always an option of peanut butter and jelly or other sandwiches when nothing else on the table is liked. In addition to main meals, we offer snacks mid-afternoon and between dinner and bed.


Allergies & Dietary Needs

We understand that campers may have allergies or specific dietary needs, or preferences. Sometimes these needs can be difficult to meet. If you are concerned about us being able to provide foods your camper can eat, you may send replacement meals. These foods MUST be in the original packing, this way our cooks know the ingredients, any preparation directions and appropriate serving sizes. All foods will be stored in the dining hall with your camper’s name and session written on each container. Food cannot be stored in your camper’s backpack, suitcase or cabin. These items will be checked in to leadership staff at health check to allow the nurse and cook to ask any questions regarding food health.


Why Campers Shouldn't Bring Food

Please do not send food with or to your camper as it attracts bugs and other critters! If a camper brings or receives food, it will be kept in the kitchen until departure.


Sample Meals:

Breakfast: eggs, bacon, toast, peaches and milk and orange juice. A breakfast bar is available each day, in addition to the main breakfast. The breakfast bar can include: cereal, yogurt, fruit and granola.

Lunch & Dinner: grilled cheese sandwiches, tomato soup, green beans and Gatorade. A salad bar and PB&J station is available in addition to the main course.


Day Camp

Day Campers will need to bring a nut-free sack lunch each day, as well as a water bottle. We will provide a mid-afternoon snack.