Wondering if your girl is ready for camp? Here are ways to tell if she's prepared to have a spectacular time at Girl Scout Camp:

  • She has successfully spent the night away from home, and is able to cope with new things such as new or different bathrooms, darkness, and insects.
  • She is comfortable in a group setting, including sleeping, and is able to fall asleep on her own, in her own bed.
  • She enjoys spending time outdoors, being active, and learning new things!
  • She likes making new friends, can get along with others, and is willing to spend time with all girls, not just her best friends.
  • She can adapt to new places and try new things (maybe with some encouragement!).
  • She can follow directions and engage with others in active camp life.
  • She should be able to move independently from place to place at camp.
  • She may sometimes need a little help from a counselor, but she can shower, brush her teeth, and manage personal hygiene.
  • She is able to communicate with a camp counselor when assistance is needed.
  • And last but not least: She wants to go, and has a family that is willing to let her go away for a few days for a fun, rewarding experience that builds skills and independence!
"Camp gives the girls the opportunity to try new things, to reach out of their comfort sone, to make new friendships and demonstrate leadership qualities. She loved the songs and skits and has been singing them every day since coming home."

Note on Grade Levels

Each of our camps is designed to be developmentally appropriate for the grades listed for each session. Grade levels listed on summer camp sessions reflect the school grade your girl will begin in upcoming fall and also correspond to their current Girl Scout program levels (Daisy K–1, Brownie 2–3, Junior 4-5, Cadette 6–8, Senior 9–10, Ambassador 11–12).

Girls are in cabins/tree houses with their age group. Girls will not be housed with buddies in other session groups or with younger/older siblings.



If you have questions or concerns about your girl's camp readiness, please contact us. Our camp directors can help you decide which camp is right for your girl or offer tips on how you might prepare her for next camp season.