Our campers treasure the relationships and sense of community they develop with staff. Likewise, working at Girl Scout camps is a unique experience that will have a positive impact on you for the rest of your life. Your passion can make a difference in the lives of girls!

We hire camp staff from all over the world. Working at our camps takes a special kind of person! Read on to see if you are a good fit for our camps or learn what a day in the life of staff is like.

You'll be a great fit to work at our camps if you...


Volunteering at summer camp varies year to year, week to week and even location to location. Regardless of this we need volunteers whom are able to work in a team, follow directions, focus on the tasks at hand, handle constructive feedback, and work hard.

Like Staff it is always good to see if you are a good fit. Check out above dropboxes to understand a little more of your fit. If you think you are a good fit to volunteer at camp, browse the position descriptions and follow the link to apply below!

General Qualification

  • For most volunteer positions, you must be at least 18 years of age or have graduated from high school by the start of the camp season.
  • All resident camp volunteers are required to live on-site when groups are in session, unless otherwise agreed upon.
  • Volunteers do not have to have any children.
  • All volunteers must commit to a minimum of 1 week session with additional opportunities in 1 week session intervals.

Discounts will be available for volunteers toward an age-appropriate girl to attend any session of camp except a Leadership or Trip session.

DAY CAMP – Weekday 1 week sessions where you go home at night

RESIDENT CAMP – Overnight 1 week sessions where you stay on-site

Anybody interested in volunteering at summer camp must submit an application to start the selection process. Applying does not guarantee a volunteer position. Once approved volunteers will be required to attend a virtual orientation. Discounts will be determined at this time.